Merritt Island, Florida Real Estate and Community Information

Location Details
Merritt Island is a small unincorporated Florida community that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River. It is located in Broward County and about 30 miles north of Melbourne. This beautiful location offers access to several regional transportation hubs including United States Route 1 South, the Merritt Island Causeway, the Pineda Causeway and Florida State Road 528. Merritt Island's location also offer direct access to attractions that are located near the John F. Kennedy Space Center and the Meritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.

A Brief Community History
Merritt Island's modern history can be traced back to the middle of the 19th century when farmers developed orchards and groves that grew high-quality pineapples, grapefruits and oranges. Many of these farms were located in territory that was once explored by Spanish explorers during the early 17th century.

Modern interest in our area began during the 1950s and 1960s after NASA discovered our area's proximity to several suitable launching sites for rockets and space shuttles. The space race between the U.S.S.R and the United States also fueled growth in our area during this time.

Interest in our area's real estate was renewed during the 1980s by Melbourne-area residents who discovered our area's tranquil surroundings, low crime rates and wonderful ocean views. This discovery continues to attract new residents to our area who are searching for affordable homes that can be used as vacation properties or second homes.

A Brief Overview of Merritt Island's Homes for Sale
Many Merritt Island homes for sale were constructed during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. They feature interesting home designs that feature Space Age and Post-Modernist design elements. They also feature large living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms that offer exciting possibilities for families who need room to grow. Agents at Classique Properties will be able to assist you in finding your dream home. 

Other Merritt Island homes for sale have been constructed during the last 25 years. These homes feature simpler home designs that offer a tremendous value to families who are just starting out and for established professionals who are searching for high-quality vacation properties. Many of these homes are situated on large lots that offer many exciting landscaping and exterior design options that are a wonderful value.

Nearby Secondary and Post-secondary Schools
Most Merritt Island-area homes are located near nine schools that are maintained by the Broward Public School District. These schools offer challenging coursework and fun extracurricular activities that are designed to give students an opportunity to develop the knowledge and social skills needed to succeed in life.

Many Merritt Island-area homes are also located near 20 colleges and universities that offer more than 250 undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. Some of the most popular Merritt Island-area colleges and universities include:
  • Brevard Community College.
  • The Florida Institute of Technology.
  • The University of Central Florida.
  • Florida Christian College.
  • Rollins College.
  • Fortis College at Winter Park.

Nearby Post Offices, Supermarkets, Stores and Restaurants
Merritt Island is home to one post office that is located on Crockett Boulevard. This location offers convenient accesses to more than 80 supermarkets and over 500 locally owned stores and restaurants that are located near many affordable Merritt Island homes for sale.

Nearby Recreation Facilities and Recreation Activities
Merritt Island is located near several Florida state parks that offer many fun boating, camping, equestrian, hiking, hunting, fishing and kayaking opportunities. Some of our favorites include St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park, Sebastian Inlet State Park the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area. Moreover, Lake Kissimmee State Park offers many birdwatching and picnicking sites that offer families fun ways to spend time together outdoors.

Merritt Island-area residents also enjoy visiting the recreational facilities that are maintained by the Melbourne Parks & Recreation Department. Some of these facilities include Wickham Community Center, Grant Community Center, two golf courses, two fishing piers, three swimming pools, four boat ramps and 39 parks.

These facilities also offer access to more than 300 recreation activities that include several youth recreational sports activities, dance classes, aikido classes and several continuing education courses. For current information about these activities, please call 321-255-4608.

Nearby Attractions
Merritt Island homes are located near many popular Broward County attractions. Some of our favorite attractions include Melbourne Beach Pier and Brevard Zoo. Other popular attractions include Space Coast Stadium, Foosaner Art Museum and the Rossetter House Museum's gardens.

Nearby Events
Many fun events take place near the Merritt Island area that offer families a wonderful way to meet people and to enjoy Merritt Island's sunny climate. Some of our favorite events include the Space Coast State Fair, the Melbourne Fall Art Festival and the Melbourne Forest Festival. For information about other events that take place near Merritt Island, homebuyers who wish to contact Classique Properties may visit the event website that is maintained by the Brevard County Tourism Board.
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